School Programmes Fun&Fitness @ Assembly

Fun&Fitness @ Assembly: 
A 30-minute cardio-aerobic workout that combines exercise with some cool dance moves to improve fitness while having loads of fun.

Fun&Fitness @ Bootcamp:
Challenging yet fun and do-able circuit training exercises help students to build a fitter lifestyle while promoting teamwork and collaboration.

 Fun&Fitness @ Events:
Add the fitness dimension to events such as Sports Day, Family Day and the School Carnival and strengthen school bonds through exercise.

School Programmes Fitness for Life

Fit&Trim @ Recess: 
Tailored to the fitness needs of students with higher BMI, this customized programme helps build cardiovascular fitness and improve strength and coordination.

Stress Buster @ School: 
When the pressure builds up, work out. This is a fun and energetic 30-minute session to help students de-stress through exercise.

Fitness for Life: 
Targeted at youths, Fitness for Life focuses on developing a sustainable approach to exercise and encouraging students to make fitness a part of their lifestyle.