Corporate Fitness Team Building

Team Building and Fitness Retreats:
Build team spirit and strengthen ties through fun and effective programs conducted at different locations in Singapore or abroad.

Corporate Bootcamps: 
Take strength, stamina and conditioning to the next level while promoting teamwork and corporate bonding.

Corporate Events: 
Put a fitness twist to events such as Family Day, Staff Conferences and other corporate activities, and have fun while working out.

Corporate Fitness Fitness

Aerobic Fitness: 
Strengthen cardiovascular fitness with workouts that rock! Try out Kardio Kickstart, Zumba, Kickboxing, Piloxing, Bouncefit and many more.

Functional Fitness: 
Build up strength and stamina through programs such as Cross Training, BATT (Butt, Abs, Tummy and Thighs) and Fitness Bootcamp.

Corporate Fitness Wellness

Weight Management Programmes: 
Discover the right strategies and exercises to help you in your journey towards better fitness and more effective weight management.

Nutrition and Health Workshops:
Take a holistic approach to health and fitness. Get tips from experts on how to live a healthy lifestyle, eat healthy and prepare healthy meals.

Yoga and Pilates: 
Improve your physical and mental wellbeing as you strengthen the core, increase your flexibility and enhance concentration and control.