Whether you’re just starting out or a fitness enthusiast, you’ll find what you need for your fitness journey right here.


Corporate Events

Put a fitness twist to events such as Family Day, Staff Conferences and other corporate activities, and have fun while working out.


Corporate Bootcamps:

Take strength, stamina and conditioning to the next level while promoting teamwork and corporate bonding.


Team Building and Fitness Retreats

Build team spirit and strengthen ties through fun and effective programs conducted at different locations in Singapore or abroad.


Weight Management Seminar

Discover the right strategies and exercises to help you in your journey towards better fitness and more effective weight management.


Nutrition and Health Workshops

Take a holistic approach to health and fitness. Get tips from experts on how to live a healthy lifestyle, eat healthy and prepare healthy meals.

why us?

Too many choices to choose from? Simply tell us your goals for organising the event and we will be able to recommend a suitable activity for you.

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